Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Salutations to Crafty Jill and Hubbel Pie!

Ah, the wondrous power of peer pressure.  After suggesting, cajoling, threatening, and pressuring my good friend to start her own blog, she finally caved and started Jill of ALL Handy Crafts.

Crafty Jill is a dabbler in all things arts and crafts.  She can draw, sculpt, mold, stitch, sew, bake, and decorate.  You name it, she can probably do it...or learn to do it.  In essence, she is the exact opposite of Yours Truly.  Apparently, my snowflake cut-outs still give certain individuals nightmares.

Not your Aztec Snowflakes!  Auuugh!

Anyhow, check out Jill Crafty's blog!  She just started, so let's show her some support and lurve! 

Also... how about a slice of Hubbel Pie?

This is my friend, Hubbel.  Hubbel is talented. Hubbel is also a very nice guy.  Truly.  He once bought me the most deelicious Mexican tapas dinner, for which I will be eternally grateful.  Now, independent of this lovely memory, I'd like to support Humble Pie, a movie he wrote and starred in, because it's so darned good.  You can watch the trailer here:

Please support dear Hubbel by watching his critically-acclaimed movie! Ya can check him out on Netflix as well.

Thank you, come again!


  1. Thanks for the welcoming!!! =D Yeah, I need to spruce my blog up! Hard to do when I'm stuck in "The Pit of Despair."

    My intro post is kinda long...? Well, thanks again for finding me something to do instead of wasting away on the couch watching TV. Hopefully, a new endeavour will start soon! ;)

  2. S'all good, my friend. You shoulda seen my blog when I first started. It was a mess, I tells ya. A mess! And hey...I enjoyed reading your intro. I learned new things about you! Good times, my friend, good times.

  3. Hey...how come you're not a follower? I thought you beat Octo-Killer to the punch, but he beat you! Haha!

    The thing about me criticizing the length of my blog is that people who don't know me, won't take the time to read it. I figured you'd read it cuz 1) you know me and 2) you like stalking your friends. Haha! Eg., Tart Braniac's comment on one of your postings and she just got like 3 text messages w/in 30 seconds that you made a comment on her blog. Nonetheless, I love ya my unFRIENDLY monster!

  4. Yeh! I put you on my "Special Beasties" list, and I just automatically assumed I was following you! Then I realized I wasn't, so I quickly remedied that. :)

    Re: stalking...yes, I do that. :D I like to receive comments on my blog, so I just assumed that my friends like it too, which is why I constantly check and make comments when I can. I also like to keep up with my friends' blogs cuz it's another way of conversing with 'em...especially now that I'm no longer in The Pit. Ja know?

  5. Haha! It's like a drug with this whole bloggin', commenting and receiving comments! I guess that makes you a devoted unFRIENDLY monster. I know you miss The Pit and especially Grog! LMAO! You do have to admit though, the one good thing that has come from The Pit is good friendships! =D

  6. I miss Grog as much as I miss a boil on my buttocks.

    I do agree, however, about the friendships thing. Even though we all went to UCLA, I woulda never known you guys if it wasn't for The Pit. I don't like to associate with people who remind me of The Pit, but you and Nettie are in the very small, very elite group of people I consider friends and NOT a constant, sore reminder of my time in The Pit.

    *shakes fist at Grog*

  7. Pip pip to Crafty Hands and her new blog! (Better than Idle Hands- you know what they do...)

    Aaah, Octo-Killer, what have you started?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Why? What did Octo-Kills do??? Whatever he did, shame shame on him!

    If ya mean the blog craze...I already had a blog on blogger before I knew about Octo-Killa's blog. BUT he *did* motivate me to resurrect my blog, which had lain dead/dormant for about a year or two. Thanks, Octo-Killa!