Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Photo Crashers

You've encountered them before.  Photo Crashers.  The classy gents and ladies who ruin your photo by beaming ridiculously in the background, holding a pint of ale in one hand and making an obscene gesture with the other.

The phenomenon of "photobombing" is apparently not limited to our species.  It's a problem of epic proportion in the animal kingdom as well...  The proof is in the pudding (thank you, Huffington Post):

Taking the bullet...or hogging the shot?

The guard: "I want a sandwich."
The goat: "Hmmmm...?"
(Is that a ghost in the background?!)

Photo Crasher:  "Yaaaaaah!  Whaaaaazzup!"
Cat:  "Really?  I mean, really?  Over it.  Going home." 

Penguin 1:  "...?"
Penguin 2:  "....!"
Seal:  "Yaaaay!"


  1. Mwaaahahah. My sis sent me the pic of the seal photobomb. His widdle goofy smile made me snarf my coffee, so we're even.


  2. Puahahahaha!!! I love this! Although the one w/ the goat is prolly the only "realistic" one and w/ my fav caption you made up!

  3. hilarious. The penguin/seal one is my favorite one.

  4. haha these are so cute :)
    and i totally know what you mean about the water in your nose!

  5. Haha! I have considered becoming a photocrasher once or twice... I suppose when animals do it, it's a bit more acceptable. Perhaps it is because they're cuter than me...

  6. Very funny! Great captions.