Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lost Children of the City

Do you know where your children are?

The school bell chimes

But the yard is empty

Where have the children gone?

Hidden within the forest deep
Far beyond society's rubbish heap, 
Its burns, its fire
Its callous revelry, 
That leaves behind the wooded scar

Lies a marvel
Of dancing bears and
Balancing tumblers

Mighty buckets and
Tutu'd divers

Maidens fair and
Poisonous creatures

Cycling lions and
Lions cycling

Bull-headed men and
Balls of string

Men of steel and
Their companion true

They all await
To awe and amaze you
So don't delay
Your visit, if you may

Friday, July 23, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birds of One Feather

Artist Unknown

Phineas woke up one Fall morning
To find the leaves turned brown and withered
He donned a sweater and a scarf
And human hands to keep him warm

At the wharf, he met a sage
Handless, hairless, and lined with age
"Fortune, fortune, will I read,"
Cried the sage, to mislead

Chirping and whirring with delight
Phineas agreed to pay any price
The sage raised his stumps, a dark, dark blight
And looked askance at Phineas, twice

"Fortune, fortune will I read,
For your warm mittens and a bead,"
The sage was sly, and Phineas simple
A devil's deal...if 'twere not for Kimpel

 Kimpel the Fisherman, young and wise
Had made a pledge to his mother dear
To protect the innocent from false scries
For to one, she lost her heart sincere

Throwing aside his fisher's creel,
A strong, firm hand did Kimpel use
To halt the lies, the steal, the deal
And stop a most unfortunate ruse

Cries and howls, unholy to hear
The sage let loose with a single tear
Phineas, simple and kind at heart
With his mittens did he gladly part

Alarmed by kindness, the sage did pause
As the cold shriveled the boy's poor claws
"Ye are good," the sage did say,
"I am changed, from this 'ere day."

Kimpel assessed and judged and nodded
Truth was told, redemption awarded
So the boy, the sage, and the fisherman together
Became fast friends, Birds of One Feather