Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh, Sylvia

"The Heart"
by Alfredo Caceres

Every good story has two versions. Which would you prefer to hear, dear reader?

Sylvia finally found love and...

Sylvia took the scoundrel's beating heart and...

The Lonely Year

Artist Unknown

I was rooted.  All my life, rooted to the ground.
I watched my leaves break off, fly or fall, and leave me.
I watched the birds on my branches, flock and fly, and leave me.
I watched my brothers cut down, uprooted and stolen, and leave me.
I was filled with this unnameable desire, to leave this ground
that felt lonelier and lonelier
every year.

So, every day, I worked my roots out of the ground, little by little.
It took me years, and with every ring that grew around my bark,
the ground released me inch by inch.
I grew taller and older, lonelier and lonelier,
but shook the earth from me, day by day.
Until one day, my roots tore free.

Now, I am free to leave.
I am free to follow my leaves.
I am free to follow the birds.
I am free to wander the earth.

I am free to be rootless.

The Blue House: A True Story

It was the blue 'ouse on the corner, what done it.
I ain't one to tell no stories, but you can ask
Davey and Tam and Ronny, they seen it too.

The night was cold and clammy, like tonight.  That 'ouse was
groanin' something fierce and awful.  I once 'eard my gran groanin' cos
her bones ached, and it sounded like that.  Jest like that.

I don't think the kids 'ad a chance, no they din't.  Davey and Tam and Ronny and
I were lookin' for cats.  The sailors buy 'em to catch the mice on their
fine ships - two pence a piece, even!

And we saw them over the wall, all starin' like. 
They weren't movin' none, just starin' into them dark, dark windows.
Then they went in, one by one, like a line of ants.
I didn't hear nothin' but the groanin' of the 'ouse.

And they were never seen again. 

Their mams cried for weeks, and the men looked for them all
over the town, but no one
ever found them, no' hair nor hide.

But I know it was the blue 'ouse that done it. 
That 'ouse is alive, with its groanin' and grumblin' and old bones creakin'.
You don't believe me?
Go to it when the night is cold and clammy,
but make sure to stand behind the wall!

Look into its windows,
Listen to it talk.
You'll see it.  You'll hear it.
And then you'll know.
Just ask Davey and Tam and Ronny.
They seen it too.
That blue 'ouse on the corner.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Packaging with a little love...

February 14th is looming...  I'm not a huge fan of gift-giving on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate wonderful V-Day packaging.  Here are some DIY goodies for you love-stricken folks out there!

Use a straw to make a lovely little arrow.  Pairs well with a plain paper bag!

Use cupcake cups to make faux flowers.

Another arrow, but with a sweet little heart on the tail end.

A box wrapped with your love letter.

Popsicle sticks on a string!  You can personalize them with little love notes.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Round-Up

Things I desperately want...

Bicycle with leather seat and handles.  And that basket...

Wide-wick candles.  Wood tray.

A mug.  That holds cookies.  Genius!

A nesting doll wearing a Burberry coat.

My very own pocket lynx!

A spot of honey with my tea.

Happy Friday, folks!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lovely Spaces

I'm in the process of looking for new digs.  Part and parcel of that are obsessive apartment hunting and daydreaming about decor. 

And some of the non-stop daydreaming can be blamed on...

Warm blankets with lovely colors. 

Exposed brick wall.  Doorway.  And oh, the frameless art.

Guest room, secretly used as a mid-week retreat.

Jane Austen room.  No other comments needed.

Old, natural kitchen with exposed beams and copper pots.

A house is not a house without books.  Lots of them.

A living room with a view.  Clean and fresh.

The charm of mismatching frames.  And good art.

Organization of your gift-wrapping propensities!

The perfect background for a chat.

A true retreat.  Low-lying sofa, exposed beams, and chandelier.

My dream work station.  If only...

A dog and your favorite chair to come home to.

Of course, the furniture (and living space) I actually own are nothing like the above, but one day.  A girl can dream.

A Bit of Style

I'm a self-proclaimed fashion disaster. Color sense?  Paint me color blind.  Matching or fashionable mis-matching of items? A complete mystery. Knowing how to wear hats and scarves just so?  Like solving a Rubik's Cube...blind-folded.

Having said that, I know what I like. When I see it. On other people. 

And this is what I like...

The polished look.  The sweater is simple, a little severe,
but softened by that beautiful, silky bow and flirty but modest skirt.

The staple look.  Since moving up to the PNW, this look seems to be a
staple.  Neutral sweater, tight jeans, beautiful loop scarf, tall boots,
and a bit of pizzaz with the purse.

The mini swag.  I had to add this picture because this kid
makes the outfit.

As I slowly attempt to get back into blogging, I hope to share more fashion, home decor, and random tidbits with you all!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Proposal

Cannibalism is an underestimated and misunderstood form of affection.  At the very least, it staves off hunger and controls explosive population growth.  Yes, Mr. Swift.  Cannibalism for everyone.

With a dash of pepper and salt...

Let us eat each other into oblivion.