Monday, January 25, 2010

I need cake

I got into a car accident this morning, so I need chocolate or cake.  Since my friend is recovering from surgery and I can't demand sympathy cake from her, all I can do is salivate over these works of exquisite art from Rosey Sugar Palace (Brookland College Flickr set):


Let's have cake and eat it too!


  1. So sorry you got in a car accident today. Were you hurt?

    These cakes are gorgeous. I love the Marie Antoinette movie and I just listed to the entire book on CD.

  2. Sorry yo! I know when your bday is, but can you wait til then?!

    Man....I haven't worked up to posting all the stuff up that I wanted to before I start posting about my do you find time to post so often?!!!

  3. I think about it when I get home, and when I get to work, I post it up during my break. :) I have a whole storage of stuff I want to post in my head. But yes, finding the time is tricky.

  4. hope your ok! I crave cake when bad things happen too!

  5. These cakes are UNREAL. Why would you even make something so nice?! No one would wanna eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ........except..........the dev-yil.


  6. Oh

    These cakes are freakin' amazing! The detail is so phenomenal. Wow.

    Are you ok? Did you get injured or anything? I hope not!

  7. Oh wow, those are gorgeous. Hope everything is ok. Maybe try a candy bar.

  8. Strange, I thought I had left a comment about my favorite of these cakes which is, of course, the dolphin with the crown in front of his castle.

  9. car accident and thus, the requirement of cake.

    we will be friends.

    are you ok, chickadee? sounds monstrous.

  10. Ohh! this is so adorable!! I love cakes! :)
    And hope you're ok...