Friday, January 22, 2010

A Curious and Crafty Cat

Hats off to Japanese stop-motion animation and crafts.  Komaneko the Curious Cat is the culmination of these two art forms.  If I could live in Komaneko's world, I'd abandon everything in this reality to do so.  The detailed design, the craftsmanship, and the concept behind this stop-mo animation is amazing.

I invite you to take a peek this weekend.  And after watching the first installment, I dare you to stop...

Happy weekend, folks!

P.s.  My dog ate my last pair of business heels.  Yep.  My last pair of professional black heels...torn asunder by Sir Dooley. Sigh. least it gives me an excuse to go shopping!


  1. Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

    If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.

  2. Obrigado, the ring was a gracious gift from a fabulous individual who I swore to remain nameless (This person does not understand the concept of blogging and full disclosure).

    Happy Friday to you and have a wonderful night!

  3. *Scooby Doo sound* Did someone say shopping?????????????


  4. This is so cute. I went to your other blog the cosmonaut, but all your posts seemed to have disappeared. Are you still posting there?

  5. Ohmigoodness! These are soooo cute! How adorable!

  6. Ahhh....this reminds me of my short-lived dream career I had where I wanted to be a sculptor for claymation.

  7. Ah! I love stop motion. This is endlessly adorable.