Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Joining the Circus

Old sketches of mine. 

Photoshopped the sketch last night.  I added color, fringe, sparkle, and designs - You'll have to click on the image to see all the details. 

Sources of inspiration include Esther Williams, The Great Gatsby, and "Chelsea, Let's Go Join the Circus" by Agent Ribbons.


  1. What's with all the sexy seductive poses?!

    It's funny cuz the girls are like "vavavoo" and then there's this lil man/boy creature. Haha!

  2. Wow! that's pretty nice. I'm having problems drawing lines with the wacom tablet. Was the tablet used?

  3. Crafty: Mehehehe, tha's the way I likes it! Nah. You have to listen to the lyrics to the song by Agent Ribbons to understand why I chose those sketches. :)

    Octo-Kill: Tankoo. Yes, I used the Tablet. I actually scanned in my old sketches and traced over the lines. If we keep practicing, we're bound to get better at lines, etc., right?

    I was actually going to take the drawing class at SMC but I didn't want to go on campus. However, if it helped you to shade and color the way you do, I'll take it next semester!

  4. This is awesome! It looks great!

    You're in LA? I just hosted a Blogger's Brunch there, it would have been good to have you along! Next time!

  5. Crafty Hands, this is what I'm talking about... With Linz, you GOTS to have the many many many layers of pillows in front and back of you!!!!!!!!

    Nice work, meng... but... y'know. --> [@@@]

  6. I wish my body looked like Fringy Lady there... :'(

  7. *shakes mighty fist at Nettie*

  8. I love this! you are really talented!


  9. really amazing sketches - love them!