Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please help Haiti...

The death toll is rising, the devastation is horrible, and the survivors are severely wounded.  Any amount of donation you can give would help a lot.  Please do so through reputable organizations, as there are always opportunists waiting in the wings to feed on the bleeding hearts of compassionate individuals.

You can donate through well-known organizations such as:  Unicef, World Vision, and Red Cross.

The Red Cross has also made it easier and more convenient for you to donate by allowing you to text the word "HAITI" to 909-99.  This will immediately send $10 to the organization, and you will be charged $10 on your cell phone bill.  Easy peasy.

Also, you can visit Lovely Cluster's blog and find a number of stores that will donate a huge percentage of your purchase price to the Haiti rescue effort.

My friends know I'm a pessimist when it comes to humanity in general.  I believe in the goodness of the individual, but crowds give me a mental hernia. times like these, when I see people helping strangers in far off lands with nothing but compassion and love in their gives me hope.  A lot of hope. 


  1. A) You are a ROCK STAR for leaving such a sweet comment. Much appreciated. And your post is full of helpful info. For that, I love you.

    B) Weird Edwardian playclothes for paper dolls? Now you've won my heart. Sign me up.


  2. Thanks for all of your comments. I appreciate, but I'm not terrific - this is something we should all do. I hope we can help the relief effort as much as possible.

  3. linz, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i couldn't agree more with you.

    lovin' your blog,