Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Great Penguin

In this blog, I am paying my respects to the art of Andrew Wong.  Andy is a unique illustrator hailing  from Manchester, UK; he graduated with hono(u)rs from the University of Central Lancashire.  His artwork is reminiscent of the whimsy of Hayao Miyazaki, one of the giants in anime illustration.  Not only do I enjoy Andy's expansive imagination and quirky characters, but I also love his use of colors and lines.  In addition, he premieres penguins in his work - who doesn't love penguins?

Andy has submitted his recent work, titled "Sapp the Sapling", to Patch Together.  Please vote for his work so that his art can be transformed into a vinyl figurine:  Vote A Billion Times!

Vote for me!  I'm a tree!

Also, you can follow Andy's progress through his blog:  Moombaduo.

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Yo! I noticed you changed your profile pic/icon. You need to change it again. You're not the unfriendly "ROBOT" you're the unfriendly "MONSTER."

    Just sayin'. Luv ya unFRIENDLY monster! =D

  2. I know. But I like how the Robot's like "Arrrg, Feed Me!" Makes me laugh. :) Ok, ok, I change it.

  3. Haha....sorry, I wasn't being too critical was I? Please forgive me!

  4. i know andy! his work is amazing to look at - there is so much hidden in his work that you have to look at it very closely. dx.

  5. Ooooh... Andy's from Liverpool??? You know who else is from Liverpool, riiiiiiight? :)

    Funny, 'cuz as soon as I read such-such-such Lancashire... the first thing that popped in my head was "A Day in the Life". Classic!