Friday, August 20, 2010

Packin' My Bags and A-Leavin'

Hey Folks,

I'm moving.  Packing my bags and a-leaving, finally.  I'm uprooting myself from my native Los Angeles, CA for the wild grey yonder of Seattle, WA.

And knowing me, this will be my fate halfway there:

Avouer qu'on est perdu - Cumulonymbus

In other words, lost as a bat in broad daylight.

So, for about two weeks (give or take), I will probably be missing in action.  Rest assured, I will think about you all every single day.  There will be much weeping and shaking from withdrawal, but I will be brave about this.  It's not like we're breaking up.  It''s just a brief, necessary pause to start afresh.  In more ways than one.

When I come back, I promise to shower you with lots and lots of ridiculous attention.  You'll beg me to stop.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thursday Shorts

His Liquid Grave - Meluseena

Mully was a sailor, born on the high, rough seas.
A scallywag, a pollywog, an unrepentant lout was he.
He drank, he gamed, he lied, he cursed,
He charmed the ladies with words unrehearsed.
All to forget a love he once courted,
To the sewers and seas, he finally consorted,
Young but bitter, he lived on a close shave,
Till alas, he lost his life to a liquid grave.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Inevitable Etsy Cache

It was inevitable.  It's an Etsy world, and we just live in it.  I tried to resist an out-and-out Etsy post, but there are just so many wonderful little finds on that soul-absorbing site that I...I can't resist no mo'.

So, here are some of my top picks of the week!  Remember, my birthday is in March - but I'm not adverse to a little early gift-giving, iffen ye know what I mean.  

Books and air balloons.  I love books.  I love air balloons.
Come on, this is like a honeycomb to a bear!  
Speaking of bears...

A Monocled Bear.  And it's a brooch.
I want this gentlemanly beast climbing on my lapel
every. single. day.

I'm not beyond a little kitsch.  

A watercolor of The Royal Mile in
Edinburgh, Scotland!!  Here's an extra exclamation point
to emphasize my love for this print - !  Brings back memories of
my lovely summer in Scotland. 

A Fiddlin' Kitty.  My dog would protest,
but I'm the Master of my own Universe!  

And some girlie vintage frames to match.

If you have any favorite sellers or items, let me know!  I'm always up for a little wallet-torture!