Friday, December 4, 2009

Castle in the Air

As much as I enjoy trolling through soul-killing shopping malls of mammoth proportions, I am ultimately a patchwork girl.  I love things that are home/handmade.  In a twist of irony, one of technology's greatest feats - the internet (cough Google cough) - has allowed for a resurgence of the simple, the natural, and the anti-mass produced.

I have a bookmarks folder titled "Pretty Little Things" - Although I'm your worst nightmare when it comes to crafts, I have an almost unholy appreciation for it.  Crafts, cards, anything letter-pressed, illustrations, beautiful things, strange things, sad things, flappy happy things, and of course, very evil things. I love them all. 

Now, I don't want to showcase ALL of my favorite blogs, webpages, and online shoppes...because it'll never end.  Ever.  EVER.

Ever?  *URK!*

So...I'm going to introduce my all-time favorite (non-book) store on the planet:

My cousin took me to this little gem in Berkeley, California about four years ago.  I felt all manners of things upon walking in:  Childlike wonder, sense of truly coming home, immense greed, and grief over the fact that it doesn't exist in SoCal.

Most people are confused by the "type" of person I am.  Apparently, I'm a walking, talking labyrinth.  Some people think I'm an asexual robot, some think I'm a mercenary from hell, some think I'm a sarcastic uber feminist, some think I'm a librarian in a librarian's body living in a library.  If you're one of the lost...and you truly want to know who I am deep, deep inside...visit the website.  This store makes me weep with joy.

Oh...and folks, just because you don't live in the Berkeley area and can't visit Castle in the Air, don't despair!  They have an online shoppe and a blog!   Hurrah!  

P.s.  Yes, I am aware that "favorite" implies a choice of only one.  However, I like living on the edge - I sometimes take a stick and bash the English language black and blue. Why?  Because I love it so.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! Can I give you a piece of 8.5" x 11" paper, scissors, and ask you to fashion me a snowflake? And then can you please take a photograph of this creation and post it on your blog? "Aaaaah... Eet ees funny becaaaause... Ohhhhh..."

    ...and then shake it like a Polaroid!