Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rant of the Day: Music Snobs

I don't care.  I'm just going to say it...

I don't like Simon & Garfunkel.

There, I Said It.   Other than a couple of songs here and there, scattered in the wind like so much debris, I'm just not a big fan.  Is it "heretic" or un-American?  Perhaps.  But there you go.  I'm not a fan.  So...

Hehehe.  Homer.  

Which reminds me of a really big pet peeve of mine - music snobs.  Get over yourselves.  So what if I listen to some Top 40 Chart Toppers?  I do what I want!  Nyah nyah.  On a serious note, music snobs annoy me because they judge individuals who listen to mainstream music solely because they listen to mainstream music.  Perhaps it's the idea that these mainstreamers are contemptible because they follow the crowd...?  Perhaps it's just the desire of these self-proclaimed indies to be different (or the lofty idea that they ARE different)?  Perhaps it's a malcontent disposition towards disassociation from general society?

Whatever the reason may be, you shaddup, you!  Who gives a flying screw whether someone listens to Scout, Neutral Milk Hotel, Rihanna, or Mandy Moore?  It's one thing to discuss the merits of a song or the talents of an artist (an honest-to-goodness debate on Britney Spears' musical abilities is well called for), but to automatically strike someone down because he/she listens to a mass-commercialized Top 40 song?  Gimme a break.  Music is music, and it's about the enjoyment of the listeners.  If they want to listen to Lady Freaking Gaga, that's their prerogative.  For someone to judge solely on the genre or popularity of the song/artist, it's not only snobbery, it's stupidity.

Again...get over it.  Go read a book.  Drink some java.  Get a tan.  Adopt a pet.  Watch the grass grow.  Whatever.  Just stop sneering at people for being "mindless lemmings" when you're taking a nosedive off the cliff yourself.

And that was my rant of the day.  Goodbye. 


  1. You tell em Linz...so what if I like to listen to something because it is catchy and have no idea who the artist is!

  2. Exactly, Doctor Fury. Exactly. I say bump up the Jonas Brothers at your Vegas wedding! Nettie would adore that. :D

  3. Linz for the Jonas Brothers comment: I keell you.

  4. I got two words for music snobs who can't uh-pree-shee-ate: Sensual Seduction!!! "...Whoooah!"


  5. OHHH "Sensual Eruption"...!

    When I googled "Sensual Seduction", I actually typed "Sensual Seducation" in the search bar.


    I go home now. And sleep.