Monday, December 28, 2009

Whistle While You Work

After a wonderfully relaxing Christmas weekend, I'm back in the grind.  However, my brain is still on holiday, so I'm going to import an entry from my ol' Xanga blog.  Enjoy...or I eat you.

"Sci Fi Geek"

What does it mean to be a sci-fi geek?

I recently found out my cousin plays Magic: The Gathering.  After my initial reaction (of abject horror), I began to ask her questions.  Do you throw the cards at one another?  No.  Do you flick the cards, carefully aimed, at an object?  No.  Do you use the cards as a backstory for a boardgame?  No.  Do you wear capes and call each other names with apostrophes in them, like Ra'nok?  No.  Then what the HECK do you do with these flippin' cards??!?!?!

So began my foray into a world of absolute confusion, chaos, and geekdom.  And I began to wonder... how deep can you fall before you're labeled a sci-fi geek?

I adore Ender's Game...have watched "Bladerunner" twice...dream about owning a Tardis...listen to EscapePod on a daily basis... But I don't know a thing about Forrest J. Ackerman or the secret goings-on of a D&D game.  I don't understand their secret language, and am a bit afraid of their passion for all things Star Trek.  I don't know how Borgs assimilate, how Klingons mate, how Elves talk...

What I do know is...if it's a person's passion, and it's something he/she enjoys without harming others...then it's something that should escape our judgment.  Everyone's a geek in some way or another.  Fashion geek.  iPhone geek.  Celebrity geek.  Literary geek.  Baking geek.

If reading Ursula K. Le Guin and watching Tron makes me a sci-fi geek, then so be it.  It'll just be an augmentation of my Geeks List, of which I am very proud.

Still, the question remains...  What makes a sci-fi geek...and what the HECK do you do with those flippin' Magic cards???


  1. Babohead,

    You are a sci-fi geek!!!!!

    You threw out two jugfuls of terms and names I'd never heard of, and this tells me you are a closet case.

    Do not come near my children once they are out and looking to make friends in society!


  2. so nets, what's wrong with sci-fi anyway?

  3. Doc Fury... ya gotta know, your girl is allergic is nerds, geeks, and all the glories in between. If I didn't possess such innate coolness, she and I would've been arch enemies.

    Because I wear my sci-fi love proudly.

  4. I'll tell you what's wrong with sci-fi anyway... In fact, Linz will tell you. It's called The Man Who Gave Linz the Death Doll.


    Thank you, and good night!

  5. You know what's scary? "...your girl is allergic is nerds..." WTFRACK @ that!?!? I was drugged, I tell you.

    Ah, yes. The Death Doll. I cannot blame that on sci-fi. He was just an abnormal, strange young man. Who had a particular love for Thumb Wars. *rolls eyes*