Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lovely Spaces

I'm in the process of looking for new digs.  Part and parcel of that are obsessive apartment hunting and daydreaming about decor. 

And some of the non-stop daydreaming can be blamed on...

Warm blankets with lovely colors. 

Exposed brick wall.  Doorway.  And oh, the frameless art.

Guest room, secretly used as a mid-week retreat.

Jane Austen room.  No other comments needed.

Old, natural kitchen with exposed beams and copper pots.

A house is not a house without books.  Lots of them.

A living room with a view.  Clean and fresh.

The charm of mismatching frames.  And good art.

Organization of your gift-wrapping propensities!

The perfect background for a chat.

A true retreat.  Low-lying sofa, exposed beams, and chandelier.

My dream work station.  If only...

A dog and your favorite chair to come home to.

Of course, the furniture (and living space) I actually own are nothing like the above, but one day.  A girl can dream.

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