Friday, June 8, 2012

The Lonely Year

Artist Unknown

I was rooted.  All my life, rooted to the ground.
I watched my leaves break off, fly or fall, and leave me.
I watched the birds on my branches, flock and fly, and leave me.
I watched my brothers cut down, uprooted and stolen, and leave me.
I was filled with this unnameable desire, to leave this ground
that felt lonelier and lonelier
every year.

So, every day, I worked my roots out of the ground, little by little.
It took me years, and with every ring that grew around my bark,
the ground released me inch by inch.
I grew taller and older, lonelier and lonelier,
but shook the earth from me, day by day.
Until one day, my roots tore free.

Now, I am free to leave.
I am free to follow my leaves.
I am free to follow the birds.
I am free to wander the earth.

I am free to be rootless.

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