Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Bit of Style

I'm a self-proclaimed fashion disaster. Color sense?  Paint me color blind.  Matching or fashionable mis-matching of items? A complete mystery. Knowing how to wear hats and scarves just so?  Like solving a Rubik's Cube...blind-folded.

Having said that, I know what I like. When I see it. On other people. 

And this is what I like...

The polished look.  The sweater is simple, a little severe,
but softened by that beautiful, silky bow and flirty but modest skirt.

The staple look.  Since moving up to the PNW, this look seems to be a
staple.  Neutral sweater, tight jeans, beautiful loop scarf, tall boots,
and a bit of pizzaz with the purse.

The mini swag.  I had to add this picture because this kid
makes the outfit.

As I slowly attempt to get back into blogging, I hope to share more fashion, home decor, and random tidbits with you all!

Happy Thursday!

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