Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lost Children of the City

Do you know where your children are?

The school bell chimes

But the yard is empty

Where have the children gone?

Hidden within the forest deep
Far beyond society's rubbish heap, 
Its burns, its fire
Its callous revelry, 
That leaves behind the wooded scar

Lies a marvel
Of dancing bears and
Balancing tumblers

Mighty buckets and
Tutu'd divers

Maidens fair and
Poisonous creatures

Cycling lions and
Lions cycling

Bull-headed men and
Balls of string

Men of steel and
Their companion true

They all await
To awe and amaze you
So don't delay
Your visit, if you may


  1. "...Of dancing bears and balancing tumblers...."

    who would dare miss it? i'm off to find my children....


  2. Oh how cool is this art!
    I like that cycling lion -- hahhaa too good!


  3. Definitely--I need to round up that little gang right away.

  4. your blog is very cool, happy to find it!

    hope you stop by and say hello.

  5. these are really cool - love the circus vibe of some of them.

  6. My favorite image is the ram fighting the burly man in the horned helmet ' Men of Steel and Their companion true' :D
    I do like the last verse about 'finding your children' and especially the line 'Inspire with creativity and imagination'

    Welcome back Linz it's good to have you back, hope you are doing well *pokes* ^-^

  7. lovely words for lovely prints! And, thanks to you, I'm off to buy a few of these prints for my home!!
    (including, of course, the cycling lion)

  8. I love the colors and illustrations! I must admit, the last one and bull-head man kinda creeped me out, but these are still super cool! :D

    & thanks for the comment/visiting my blog! I'm not in Korea permanently, just visiting since my dad lives here for work - I live in Seattle. :) That's super cool you've been to Korea too! I wish I could bring everyone here; it's just so much fun!

    I'll have to visit Yummy Lolly sometime! I want to make a new header, but I'm clueless about photoshop, etc. xD

    Thanks again! And hey! Maybe we can follow each other? :)

    Lovin' your blog!
    Erin :)