Friday, July 23, 2010

The Weekend Is Upon Us

Enjoy the little moments.


  1. What a fantastic image. I'm moved by my inner mom though to tell him to "get out of the way!!!", because I'm fun like that. (as my kids roll their eyes)

  2. I just adore this picture...

    I am your newest follower- yeah!! Found your blog through D&OC... so happy to have found you. You have a magnificent blog!

  3. Loving this, but I'm also with Lisa on the notion of "OK that's enough, now step away from the tramlines!!!!".
    Am your newest lemming and can't wait to see what happens when I jump over the cliff into your blogland!
    x Felicity

  4. All the photos you post are so neat! I like your taste. :D And I'm excited to be a new follower. :]]