Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Inevitable Etsy Cache

It was inevitable.  It's an Etsy world, and we just live in it.  I tried to resist an out-and-out Etsy post, but there are just so many wonderful little finds on that soul-absorbing site that I...I can't resist no mo'.

So, here are some of my top picks of the week!  Remember, my birthday is in March - but I'm not adverse to a little early gift-giving, iffen ye know what I mean.  

Books and air balloons.  I love books.  I love air balloons.
Come on, this is like a honeycomb to a bear!  
Speaking of bears...

A Monocled Bear.  And it's a brooch.
I want this gentlemanly beast climbing on my lapel
every. single. day.

I'm not beyond a little kitsch.  

A watercolor of The Royal Mile in
Edinburgh, Scotland!!  Here's an extra exclamation point
to emphasize my love for this print - !  Brings back memories of
my lovely summer in Scotland. 

A Fiddlin' Kitty.  My dog would protest,
but I'm the Master of my own Universe!  

And some girlie vintage frames to match.

If you have any favorite sellers or items, let me know!  I'm always up for a little wallet-torture!


  1. The Mrs.' family used to celebrate half-birthdays for the kids. Since it is close to 6 months before your birthday, maybe you could make an appeal using that strategy.

  2. I agree with you, there is so much talent on Etsy. That bear brooch is adorable!

  3. i love vintage frames..
    also! i changed the format for the dates on my posts!
    hopefully, your reader will read it rightly now. :)

  4. what a lovely collection of etsy finds! love these linz...you just gave me etsy the shopping bug!

  5. Ooooh, great picks!! I especially love the frames.

    PS: Please leave a comment with more details regarding your Leonardo comment. I need details.

  6. I love your blog. I clicked on it because of your profile picture that I saw on melissabxoxo. Glad to have found you.

  7. Fun finds...

    And I just added you to my blogroll... easier for my to come back more often!

  8. I love the first + the last ones. I am off to check out those Etsy pages.
    But first I must mention that you have a lovely blog.

  9. Sigh, I know. It's so hard to resist the etsy...

  10. Amazing blog! every pic is so precious and beautiful! I love your header! Did you design it? :D

    Lovely blog!
    Erin :)

  11. Ha! That cat with the fiddle is adorable. & I also love the Scotland print... I wish I was strolling down a Scottish street at this very moment.

  12. Wonderful finds, I'm smitten by the balloon!

    Happy weekend :)

  13. love all these finds. have a wonderful weekend!

  14. haha i have so many Etsy posts on my blog it's ridiculous. they've gotten to the point where i theme them/space them out just so hahaha.
    but in all seriousness i am addicted to Etsy. i think it's so wonderful that handmade items are getting all this publicity!
    and i heart your selection =]

  15. A great selection , I love the watercolor of The Royal Mile

  16. I never get sick of etsy posts, it's just countess how many wonderful things I have discovered that way!

    And what a nice (and fun!) blog you have, I'm your newest follower :)