Monday, February 8, 2010


It's MIA Monday - meaning, I'm going to be missing in action!

Missing in Action by Talented Child

Too much work, too much work.  Don't you just hate it when reality intrudes on your creativity?  Hmph.

Shall see you all on Tube-tastic Tuesday!


UPDATE (2/11/10):

Yeeeeeah.  I've been MIA a lot longer than I planned.  I had to dig myself out of an avalanche of work with just a rusty ol' keyboard and dinky monitor.  Still digging.  I'll be back by next Tuesday (Monday's a holiday after all), clean and fresh-faced for you guys.  Thanks for all of your kind comments of reality-loathing sympathy!  Hehe.


  1. Awww you will be missed, but I totally understand! Sometimes the real world comes calling and our blogger duties have to take a backseat. Good luck with all your work ;)

  2. Yes, I hate it. I've got too much work too, but I'm taking a little blogging break here to visit my friends. Don't work too hard.

  3. i try to avoid reality. hope your tuesday was lovely!

  4. dude, i am a talented NINJA at avoiding reality. let's hang out.

    and thanks for the really sweet, awesome assessment of the new homestead paintings. you're right on. (and that comment made my day.)

  5. haha love that picture! :)

  6. come back! come back! And bring more pictures of adorable marshmallows.

  7. I hope you finish all your work on tieme so you can come back ñ_ñ

  8. Welcome back, I've been feeling the same way myself.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  9. home baaack!
    the world is such a cold, lonely place without unfriendly monsters.

    also, thank you for the GLORIOUS offer to help me with my pathetic header. you are the bombest. i think i have a little something up my sleeve with a little help from a friend, but if that doesn't work out i'm email you asap as possible (in the words of michael scott). seriously, THANK YOU for that sweet, sweet offer!


  10. you're back! yay! glad you'd like to enter! make sure to leave a comment on the following post!(sorry i made that unclear!)

    glad to have you back ;)