Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lips Touch Three Times

It's been a long time since I devoured a book in one gulp.  It was like a delicious addiction - I couldn't put it down.  Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor is an explosion of imagery, fairy tales, twists, pulls and pushes, tastes and sights, implications and delights.  My normally rooted feet actually left the ground, and I was hurtled into a completely different world.  I recommend.  Highly, wildly.


You also get the absolutely stunning visual treat of Jim Di Bartolo's illustrations.  I was transfixed by this book's cover, and was taken aback when I found more lush illustrations inside.  

Ms. Taylor begins with a spin-off of one my favorite poems, The Goblin Market...


before transporting her readers to hot, sticky, and exotic India for a re-telling of the Orpheus myth...


and then finishing off with a tale of her own imagining. 

I've been an aspiring writer for a while now, and have always wanted to play with The Goblin Market and the Orpheus myth in a number of different ways.  To see Ms. Taylor play with these stories so lovingly, and so seductively, is inspiring. 

If you haven't already read it, please do yourself a huge favor and read the book.  I promise you that all your senses will be engaged.

P.s.  In response to a special request...marshmallow madness!



  1. That is some good marshmallow BUSINESS today! I particularly like that one that's upset about being made into a s'more, all out of focus there in the background. I, of course, am not upset about it. Not at all.

    glad you're back :)

  2. oh goody - been looking for more books to add to my reading list! oh and those marshmallows are brilliant!! esp the last one! xx

  3. omgoodness, too cute! :)

  4. i agree :) the markets are something special, wish we had them here!

  5. You know I blanked out on your literary stuff, right...............

    ...but when the marshmallow plank appeared, all the world was right again! YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAH!!!

  6. oh the marshmallows are waaaayyy tooooo cute!! adore them! may need to go eat one. *toothy grin*