Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Introducing Cole + Josephine

No need for introductions, really.  The art speaks for itself.  However, since I'm gregarious, allow me to expound:  Cole + Josephine is the brainchild of Nicole Sharp.  She's a self-taught artist, and her work is both visceral and intelligent, with a hint of "Wordsworthian" whimsy.  Every piece is like a stream-of-consciousness, as if a floating thought was captured mid-flight, which is manifested in the title of her works.  I've included some of my favorite pieces below, but you can see more of her wondrous artwork on her blog or in her shop.

A Piece of Fried Gold


Here I am just trying to relax and you 
just tear through here and destroy my calm 

We can sit in our modern chairs and 
have long, philosophical discussions

The Frequency of Direction

Trompe L'oil Pears

Terrarium: Bringing the Outdoors In. 
Oh, and Making It Better. 

I'm just going to throw this out there... 
the Beatles do nothing for me

Owls plus Bird Claw Talismans 
equal Incompatible Etsy Trends


  1. awesome feature! I really love her art.

  2. Creative stuff over there. Thanks for the link.

  3. Stop! You're making me blush! This is the nicest thing; thank you so much for featuring on your blog. I am very flattered.

    And don't worry. I'll stop painting when you stop writing. Which will be never, because even if no one is paying attention, we still have to do it because it is part of us!

  4. Wow! Thanks for the introduction!! I love her drawings, there is something so Parisian about them, also playful and simple. That drawing of the shoe makes me want to go shopping ..... :)

  5. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting :)