Sunday, October 17, 2010

Living in the Emerald City

It's been a month and a couple of weeks since I moved up to Seattle, otherwise known as the Emerald City.

It's green!  But lonely.  It's beautiful!  But cold.  It's friendly!  But confusing.

I'm loving every minute of it.

I haven't taken many pictures of my new home - I started working immediately after moving up here.  However, I did make my first movie ever of my dog and my housemate's dog running around in the local dog park.  (Click on the caption: The Dogs)

The Dogs
It's rough, shoddy, and a little off.  But it captures their spirits well.  So enjoy!

P.s.  New blog to come soon!  It'll be fun and exciting, I promise.  :)


  1. Welcome back Linz!:D
    Hope all is treating you well in your new home in Seattle and that the new job is a good one.
    Why do they call Seattle the 'Emerald city'if you don't mind my asking? pretty curious to know^-^

  2. Cute dogs are cute :)
    And looking forward to the new blog (even though I love this design, it always cracks me up!)

  3. Glad things are going well for you there in the new place. We'd love to go to a dog park, and nice work with the video.

  4. You're back! I'm so glad. I can't wait to hear more. XO Associate Girl

  5. there's nothing better than the thrill (and sometimes confusion - ha!) of a new city!

    don't apologize for not being *exciting.* no worries. :)

    dogs look chilled. lol.

  6. Can't wait to see your new blog post! But no rush! I hope you're loving Seattle! That's so cool to think you're like... 30 mins away from me right now :O! And I didn't know Seattle was called the Emerald City. Yikes, I'm such a poor Seattlite. I've only lived here for 5 years, well I guess that's long, but oh well! xD

  7. congrats on the move! Those doggies are so cute ;)